Michelin Argentina

In 2011, Michelin –the manufacturer of tyres and publishing editor of travel guides– published its first Green Guide about Argentina.

André and Édouard Michelin founded the company that has their surname in 1889. Édouard developed the “goma” (as Argentines call the tyres) removable for bicycles and then, the brother made adaptation of this invention for cars.

In 1900, André created the first guide Michelin, which was given as gift with the purchase of tyres. Originally, this book was aimed at those pioneers of motoring, with a list of repair shops, medical doctors and curious information about different French cities. In 1920, the guide was launched for the general audience. The same year, it began to include restaurants; the first tourist guided appeared in 1926. Nowadays, the Red Guide, only about restaurants, is the European pattern of the gastronomy. Many famous chefs have not got the Michelin star and few got a three, the best qualification. Not only André took part in the revolution of tyres but also in the Publishing innovations – as accordion-fold maps – which became standards of the industry of travel guides.

The green ones are the tourist guides of Michelin. In February, the first Edition for those who visit Argentina was launched. In the section of Buenos Aires, the guide highlights the tango festivals, museums, markets, cafés, football, polo and nightlife.

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