Trips over time

There have been many ships under the bridge since people started to travel by pleasure, in the middle of the 19th century. At first, going to another place different from where they lived was considered a truly adventure. The first black and white pictures prove it: entire families met together on the platform or harbours, with their Sunday dress and waving their handkerchieves, to say goodbye to travellers.

Today travelling is simpler; but, paradoxically, it is less satisfactory. According to a report performed in the US by AOL website, 59% of those polled declared that trips are more frustrating than ever and 57% agreed that they are less amusing. Safety controls at airports and the media pace make us waste time when filling airport procedures forms or visa requests.

A question to our grandparents is enough to realise that, some time ago, travelling was just an activity. Today, journeys seem to work as means of another goal: business, work or even the pressing imposition of knowing, having fun and taking a rest as quick as possible. In Europe, trains go so fast that it is impossible to see the landscape through the window. Perhaps, the old charm of journeys is more enjoyable in less developed countries, where routes still give us more time to wander around.

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