For most of us, the ideal of holydays is completely related to trips. First, because holidays are considered as a break from the daily routine and there is no more radical break than waking up in another bed.

Secondly, many times, they are strongly linked to the most sensual pleasures such as feeling the sun on our skin – for those who love beach-, listening to a bird song – for lovers of woods- or the whistling of the wind when skiing – for people fond of this sport. Anyway, the idea of being in a closer contact with nature and enjoying the sensations which are difficult to find everyday works as a motivation for the purchase of air, bus or train tickets which will lead us to another place to enjoy those days out of real time. However, about this idea, more and more people are changing their minds; for instance, they offer themselves to work as volunteer in some village or a farm or to take a course. The last option is called, due to the synthesis power of English speakers, “staycation”: vacations at home.

The writer Michael Bloch found an argument difficult to refute: he says that spending holidays in a nicer place than that one where we live produces a feeling of unhappiness when going home. He also points out that holidays usually are expensive and an absurdity in ecological terms: all of us know that mechanical means of transportation, of course the plane is found on the top of the list, waste fossil fuel and release carbon fumes. Bloch also adds that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and for that reason, we don’t appreciate the main attractions where we live. He proposes to go on vacations of low environmental and economic impact around our own region with tourist’s eyes, taking the time to re-discover the nearby museums and sights.

Are you interested in holidays around home? Could you see the city and its surroundings with tourist’s eyes?

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  1. Liz Local Guide escribió:

    Other way to enjoy Buenos Aires is with a local host.
    Then you can see the places at the time you want
    You can live the city as a local do
    And you can integrate with the local life from the local point of view, you can discuss, participate of local events, and make a new friend with this lovely “porteños” character!

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