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More and more, trips are considered as sensory experiences. Among the five senses, taste is gaining ground. The flavors (and smells) are one of the most interesting approaches of the culture when traveling. For that reason, more and more people are interested in “what inhabitants eat” during their trips but also they want to learn how to cook “local food”.

On the forum of travelers, there are many questions as “where can I eat “local food” in Istanbul? and also “Where can I buy the ingredients to prepare that food?” Furthermore, travel agencies follow the gastronomic trend and offers tours that include, many times, the preparation of their own supper, kindly leaded by a local chef. In Vietnam, for instance, a very usual program proposes to take a cuisine lesson (in English), which includes materials and ends, of course, with a wonderful moment to enjoy the dish prepared.

Here in Argentina, fishing excursions usually include a rest in an island where the guide improvises a small grill and teaches how to prepare the fish recently caught. Nowadays, there are also some pioneers who offer lessons about “how to prepare your own asado” for tourists. Meanwhile, the groups of free exchange, like Couchsurfing, organize multi-cultural meetings where one can teach to prepare a dish of his country, as it was a taste war against the famous “international menu”.

As usual, the Internet is a great ally. Taking advantage of this tool, the Venezuelan cook Pocho Garcés created an user of Twitter called @recetasen140, which provides recipes in only 140 characters. For instance: “RECIPE IN 140: Marinate shrimp and curry powder. Sauté it with coriander, onion. A pinch of salt, pepper, olive, and pour on the pasta and voila.” Undoubtedly, it is a great source of inspiration. How would it be with Argentine recipes? “Milanesas: thin cutlet of meat, cover it with whisked egg with garlic and parsley, and then with the breadcrumbs. Then, put it in the oven or fry pan! It is usually served with smashed potatoes”.

When you are traveling, do you like cooking? What kind of food?
When you are at home, are you interested in discovering dishes from other parts of the

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