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Buenos Aires in summer is a secret for initiates. A great part of its almost three millions inhabitants go to beaches and mountains to spend their holidays. The assumption that the city is entirely empty is not true, however the urban sensation changes. In summer, the city seems to become lethargic, and its frenetic rhythm turns softer.

So then, this is the best moment to enjoy Buenos Aires in a more comfortable way. Travelling by the public transportation is better and there are less people in museums, guided visits and shows. Even at streets, it is possible to breathe better. Going to malls or the shopping circuits becomes a more relaxed activity after the sales wildness on holidays and, even many shops are on special offer.

Luckily, we can avoid booking and sitting freely on the tables available on the sidewalks, terraces and squares of many restaurants. It is the perfect time to enjoy the best city’s habits: long table talks under the shadows of trees, and the nights with friends drinking something in the warm air of Palermo or San Telmo. Ice-cream parlours, another Porteño institution, become the meeting points in every neighborhood and the question “Would you like an ice -cream?” competes with the classic coffee one for a couple of months .

Free shows in the open air are a classic in the city’s summer. Proposals of music, theatre and cinema under stars invite people to enjoy the hot nights. By day, parks and squares are the green option to the concrete. In the northern part, along the bank of the Río de la Plata, people can appreciate the horizon and the beginning of the delta, where water and nautical sports offer an escape from the city.

And if it is really hot, there is the last resource of Porteños: going to a good cinema with air conditioning until the sun sets. But, for this time, without having to wait in queue.

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  1. Joane Barret escribió:

    I had the chance to visit Buenos Aires the last year, and it was amazing. I went in the summer season, when everybody is walking in the streets, taking a sunbathe, drinking Mate (prepared from steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in hot water) and Terere (an infusion of yerba mate with prepared with cold water), riding a bike, running in the Palermo Forests, eating Choripan (grilled chorizo and a crusty bread) and empanadas, I visited the city, when everything is just perfect. I took a Bike City Tour and also a Walking City Tour, and it was awesome, each one of these tours has their own appeal, which shows a different face of the city. I book both with an online agency call bsas4u, and I had a fascinating experience in this magical city, that I will never forget.

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