Luxury hotels in Argentina

In 1979, Andrew Harper founded a monthly magazine of tourism aimed at rich and sophisticated travelers. Harper became famous because of traveling incognito and refusing ads in his magazine. 28 years later, the Hideaway Report is one of the most important publications of luxury tourism, and in September of 2007, two Argentine hotels were included in the Harper’s list of the best lodgings in the world.

One of them is House of Jasmines, in the province of Salta, estate of the American actor Robert Duvall and his wife, the actress from Salta Luciana Pedraza. This hotel and spa, located in a centenarian colonial house, has a park of one hundred hectares and only seven bedrooms.

The other Argentine hotel elected by Harper is a classic in Buenos Aires: the Alvear Palace (Alvear Ave. 1891). It was built in the 1930’s in the neighborhood of Recoleta, one of the most sophisticated in the city. The Alvear–which offers a butler service to its guests–is found in the tenth place of the list of the 20 best urban hotels in the world.
Porteños, if they can afford the pleasure, visit the Alvear in the afternoon to drink the famous tea or at night to have dinner at La Bourgogne, one of the most renowned restaurants in the city.

Among the offer of luxury tourism in Buenos Aires, three hotels have been inaugurated recently. They are relatively small (up to 50 rooms) and are focused on the design excellence. All of them are found in the oldest part of the city, in the neighborhoods of Monserrat and San Telmo. The Axel Hotel (Venezuela 649), aimed at a gay public, has a swimming pool with traslucid floor above the lobby. The Moreno (Moreno 376) is found in a Art Deco building of the 1920’s and its interior decoration has the same style. The Ribera Sur (Paseo Colón 1145), with only 16 rooms, was built using materials like marble, lapacho and cedar.

Do you know any luxury hotels? What was the experience like?

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  1. carlo escribió:

    I’ve been to many five stars hotels, but just a few were luxurious. Alvear Palace is one of them, you know it when you step in and see the marbles.

  2. Lord Alain escribió:

    Buenos Aires Luxury Apartment : About Kavanagh 14th floor
    Probably one of the finest architecturally important buildings in this city of elegance.
    The apartment is approached via its own lift which stops directly from the ground floor vestibule.
    The lobby is always attended to by 4 porters 2 hours per day as well as a day manager and receptionist.
    The reception can perform a number of tasks, for example food shopping or providing information for theatres or sightseeing.
    The original 1930s lift takes you directly to the 14th floor.
    All doors and windows have been replaced with material and profile identical frames and fittings.
    The split level air conditioning and hot air unit is ducted to all rooms and is individually controlled from each room.
    The apartment has been completely renewed and renovated from the bare brickwork.

  3. Sebastian escribió:

    I have been 2 times in Buenos Aires. First time in Alvear Palace Hotel, nice and luxury hotel located in Recoleta. Second time i was in Four Seasons in Downtown area. Both and buenos aires hotels in general are recommended. Regards.

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