Some tourists are exclusively urban: they travel to know, rather than the landscape, a way of life: the culture and the rhythm of a city. Other tourists are nature fans, and they pass by the cities in order to reach a mountain, a desert, to watch the dawn over the sea. Most of us are mixed class tourists, and cruises give us a combination of both pleasures.

During the cruisers season 2007-2008, beginning officially in Buenos Aires on November 13th, 99 arrivals to the city port are programmed, almost 10% more than in the season before. On the last 20 years, the cruise tourism grew practically twice as much as the conventional tourism.
Half the ships do not spend the night at Buenos Aires, but many of its passengers do: the journeys include offers for three or five nights at luxury hotels of the cities that the cruise visits.

And the sea tourism also renews itself. On the last years thematic cruises blossomed: gastronomy cruises, for golf lovers, for single men and women, for gays, and, since next November, for tango fans. The Costa Concordia, owned by the Italian company Costa, will travel the Mediterranean Sea with three couples of Argentinean dancers working as teachers, and they promise “tango days and party nights”.

Did you ever take a cruise? What thematic cruises could be done for Buenos Aires cruisers?

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  1. Lucy in the sky with diamonds escribió:

    MSC has launched a cruise for people fond of astrology. This cruise allows people to explore the mysteries of the zodiac, have their tarot cards read and learn to navigate by the stars. Besides, nowadays, lovers of Linux have their own theme cruise… What a boring trip!!!!! I’d prefer a spa cruise :)

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